4 responses to “Contact

  1. Cody Humphrey

    finished tha book and might i add a nice depiction of events that most people will never hear or even care to hear of. This book might have actually rebooted my PTSD back into full swing for about 72 hours straight. I would like to also add that the events that unfolded in this book were that of a great dying era in “wartime”. From my gained foresight of Iraq after the 05-06 OIF, I have been led to believe that life became easier and combat has died down to a minimum. Our experiences were unique to an ever-declining age of “Global Warfare”. Your decision to further your experiences – POSTWAR- only bring to light the drive of the mediocre infantryman. Although this venture is not that of a lucrative one, I am sure nothing has went to waste. So congrats on “future” success and I still want my *$#!%^& shirt asshole….

  2. Hey bro, long time since i last saw you. Was just talking with Tripp the other day about you coming out here in July to see everyone. Looking forward to getting a signed copy when you get here buddy. All the old guys here (which there isnt alot left lol) are really proud of you bro. Cant wait to read the book and have yall back at Carson. Stay safe on the road, look forward to seeing you again.

    John White

  3. Aaron Simmons

    You nailed it man, the book is great. Laughed my ass off, and got choked up a little too.
    Im proud to have been there with you bro, and very grateful that you wrote this book to tell our “whole” story. Glad you came to Houston to visit man, it was nice seeing you and Bob.

    Peace brother
    Aaron Simmons

  4. christopher humphrey

    I really enjoyed reading the excerpts, it reaally brings back the good ole days dude. I’m proud of all you guys. You are all my heros!! This reminds me of days long gone but will never be forgotten. I can’t wait to see you in Georgia bro!!!
    your friend
    Christopher Humphrey

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