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If you’ve read Zarqawi’s Ice Cream: Tales of Mediocre Infantrymen and would like to leave your feedback, this is your chance! Simply write your review of the book as a comment in the form below…we’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks in advance!

4 responses to “Review the Book

  1. Meghann Donovan

    Finally!!! A real, true, honest, and heart wrenching book about our Soldiers! I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed a little more. There were even times when my heart stopped!

    I was only dissappointed when reading about trunk monkey ops. I kept waiting for 2nd Platoons trunk monkey story but then I realized you weren’t there and wouldn’t have been able to write about it!

    As an Army wife I’m proud to say I know you and even more proud to say that my husband served two deployments with you. If only more people could read it to understand our youthful soldiers and their journey through deployments.

    Even after reading this book no one, including the wives of soldiers can truly comprehend what our soldiers go through during deployments. However, I felt this book was a new form of therapy for me and hopefully for others. To truly understand you will have to deploy but to understand a soldier a little better you can read Zarqawi’s Ice Cream!!

  2. Nicolas Lippa

    Babylon is falling and our boys and men are there to pick up the pieces. “Zarqawi’s Ice Cream: Tales of Mediocre Infantrymen” is a triumph of personal anecdote and poetic prose. This Iraq veteran definitively succeeds in describing the outrageously mundane and absurdly chaotic and challenging life of the infantryman. These tales will make you laugh, cry, fill you with pride and disgust, and provoke feelings of just about everything in between. A talented author with infinite potential, Andrew Goldsmith achieves writing and publishing a masterpiece that is sure to one day be a classic and inspire the minds and hearts of Americans to come for generations.

    -Nicolas Lippa

  3. Dalia Rosales

    My mother gave me this book and I was really intrigued by the title and wanted to know what was behind it. I had a general idea about what the book was going to cover but I read much more than I expected. The stories were detailed and informative that the reader can easily visualize the dramatic experiences that the author encountered. It was so intense that one night I couldn’t sleep because the scenes kept running in mind! It also left me with a feeling of wanting to know more and informing others of this book, since the author, myself, and my group of friends are the same age and at the same time have different life experiences. The stories left me with so much information and I learned a lot, things that of course the mainstream media or anyone else will ever tell. I am thankful for the author and the knowledge he has provided me and will continue to do so. Much respect to you and the U.S Army for everything you have done!!!! I have already recommended this book!!! Good luck in your endeavors!!!

  4. Joshua Dufresne

    Welcome to the extreme.

    the cradle of civilization : a trash-filled wasteland of infectious violence
    exact objectives : absolute chaos
    frostbitten winters : 120 degree summers
    rainstorms of tracer bullets, rockets, and mortars : endless monotony
    shaay, liquor, tobacco, hashish, psilocybin
    pure fidelity : mutiny
    crystal clear focus : utter insanity

    …journey into the mind and times of Sergeant Andrew Goldsmith.
    a man with the memory of an intel processor,
    the musings of an ancient sage,
    and the penmanship of a true master.

    -Joshua JD Dufresne

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